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What is wackykids.org?
Who is wackykids.org for?

What can kids DO with wackykids.org?

How to use wackykids.org.

Who created wackykids.org?
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What is wackykids.org?

The wac in wacky stands for world art and cultures. Wackykids.org is the place to explore art from around the world and the people who made and used it. All the artworks are from the Denver Art Museum.

Art can be very old or very new. Some you can sit on and some you can hang on the wall. Whatever the artwork is – a canoe, chair, pot, painting or sculpture – someone created it to look wonderful! Whether you like it or dislike it, we think all art is worth a careful look and an exploration of what it meant to the people who made and used it.

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Who is wackykids.org for?

It’s for kids about 8-10 years old. We hope parents, grandparents, friends, families, and teachers will enjoy wackykids.org, too.

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What can kids DO with wackykids.org?

You can do 3 main things:

EXPLORE fun facts about the art by rolling your mouse over the pictures

MAKE STUFF! Click and print out fun projects like masks, pencil and paper games, and other art activities. We want kids to spend less time in front of the monitor and more time doing the print-out activities with friends and family - or on their own – at the kitchen table, in the TV room, or at school.

Find out about BOOKS AND WEB SITES on world art and cultures. Most of the books can be found easily at the Denver Public Library.

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How to use wackykids.org.:

Seymour, the friendly monkey of wackykids.org, will help you find things and use your imagination to make stuff. Seymour is also the kid and family program mascot at the Denver Art Museum. Look for Seymour when you visit the museum, and find fun things for kids to see and do.

All the MAKE STUFF activities are designed to print out on a black and white printer - or a colored printer to make some activities even more wacky and fun! No printer at home? You’ll find one at your local library.

  What does this mean?

All our activities are great fun, but some can be a little tricky.  When you see this symbol on an instruction sheet, you might want to
ask a grown-up for help.

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Who created wackykids.org?

Teachers and art historians in the Denver Art Museum’s Education Department created this site. As the largest art museum in the Rocky Mountain area, we have more than 5,660 artworks from around the world on display, dating from ancient times to the present.

We’re also the most family friendly art museum in the United States. For 5 years, we’ve worked hard to create and teach art classes for kids, dream up games in our galleries, and hire staff that are good for kids. We like kids a lot! Check out the Denver Art Museum.

Great advice for wackykids.org came from the Children’s Library, in the Central Library of the Denver Public Library. Kids and families can find books, video and audio tapes, computers, and fun programs at the Central Library and 22 branch libraries throughout Denver. The Library has nearly 5 million items!

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What families can do at the Denver Art Museum

  • The very BEST THING to do:
  • Visit the art works in the museum. We think you'll be surprised by how many things you'll like and how many things you would like to take home. Here are some tips for making any art museum visit more fun:

    Limit your visit

    It's better to have a great thirty-minute trip than to struggle through every floor. Remember, the museum is FREE every first Saturday, and we hope you'll come back again and again.

    "Don't Touch" doesn't have to be a drag

    Have kids pick a "safe place" for their hands whenever they feel the urge to touch the art. Suggest fun places – like on their noses or on top of their heads.

    Try a change of pace

    Take a break in the cafe, visit our Just for Fun center, read a story in one of our reading/video areas, or play dress-up in our Discovery Libraries.

    Alphabet Search

    Pick a floor or collection (like Japanese art). Look for things in the artwork that start with each letter of the alphabet.

    Strike a Pose

    Have one person pose as a piece of art in the room while the rest of the group tries to guess what he or she is. Hint: It's a lot of fun to pose as something other than a person.

    Be an Art Critic

    Have your kids explain their answers to these questions:

    Which piece of art in this room do you like best?
    Which is the funniest? Scariest?
    Which one would you like to take home?
    Which would be the most fun to make a story about?


    See our main website for more details about family fun

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    Disclaimers, Copyrights & Credits

    Site links provide more information on the culture and art found here. Our educators have reviewed them for content and appropriateness but cannot be responsible for their upkeep, which is performed by other organizations.

    Feel free to copy and use any site material at home. Illustrations may not be used on other web sites, however, or distributed elsewhere.

    Wackykids.org was developed by the Education Department at the Denver Art Museum and was funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

    Wackykids.org Credits:

    Project Coordinator & Layout
    Jeannie Hendrick
    Christine Deal

    Designer & Consultant
    Joan Pacos

    Marjorie Leggitt
    Melissa Dougherty
    Jacquelyn Etheredge

    Bill O’Connor
    Eric Stephenson
    Jeff Wells
    Daniel Perales

    Molly Squibb

    Denver Public Library Liaison
    Kelly Campbell
    Children’s Library Acting Manager

    Patterson Williams
    Dean of Education and Master Teacher for Asian Art

    Gretchen DeSciose
    Director of Adult and Teacher Programs and Master Teacher for Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial Art

    Jane Sinclair
    Director of School Programs and Master Teacher for Native Arts

    Carla Hartman
    Master Teacher for Architecture, Design and Graphics

    Melanie Groendyke-Freeman
    Master Teacher for Egyptian Art

    Julia Tomasini
    Pew Teaching Apprentice

    2000 Denver Art Museum. All rights reserved.

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