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World of Japan's Samurai Warrior

Make an Origami Samurai Box

(15 minutes)

Make an origami box for any stuff you want to keep together. Just print out and paste two sheets of paper together so you have one stiff piece of paper. Then fold the paper and you’ll have a box!












1.  If you are a Mac user:  Pull down the 'File' menu at the top of your screen, go to 'Page Setup', and reduce the page size to 82%.
2.  Now you’re ready to do your project. Take the papers you just printed out, gather the materials you need, and find a good place to play!
3.  Put old papers down on a table – newspapers will do, because this part can get messy. Glue the white sides of the two sheets together. Be sure to glue the edges all around.


4.  Let the two sheets dry completely (for about 2-5 minutes).


5.  Place the side you’ve chosen facing up on a flat, clean surface.
6.  Take the double-thick sheet and cut off the white parts around the edges.
7.  Fold the double-thick sheet in half the long way.
8.  Open the sheet back up and fold each half into the middle.
9.  Make a thin fold back out toward both sides.
10.  Fold in all four corners and tuck them under the thin fold.
11.  Put your fingers in the corners and pull the box into shape so the sides stand up.
12.  Put your new origami box on your desk or table and store some of your own treasures in it!